Featuring more galleries and studio space, additional on-site parking, and endowment growth, the Art & Education Expansion will greatly expand the Museum's capacity and enhance our programmatic offerings of high quality art and arts experiences. By investing in the Art & Education Expansion you are investing in the future of the NBMAA.




In 2006 the Museum completed the Centennial Campaign, raising $27 million and opening the much loved and critically acclaimed 43,000 sq. ft. Chase Family Building with more appropriately sized galleries, a cohesive chronological display of the permanent collection, visitor amenities, and renovation of the Landers House with an art studio and ArtLab.

In fact, the NBMAA blossomed in the years following, seeing a burgeoning of exhibitions and programming; at-capacity programs, studio classes and ArtLab usage; a doubling of visitation, program participation, and membership; and the addition of over 5,000 objects to the permanent collection a testament to the esteem collectors conferred on the Museum (among them Rita Heimann's collection of 32 modernist works, mainly oil paintings; 180 of the world's finest pulp Illustrations from Robert Lesser; and 158 coastal paintings donated by Charles and Irene Hamm). Today, simply put, the Museum is being used at full capacity.

In August 2012, the Board passed an ambitious Long Range Plan 2013-2018 charting the steps needed to capitalize on the success of the past and ensure a vibrant future for the Museum. Specifically, the plan calls for more galleries and educational spaces, property purchase and construction of additional parking lots and endowment growth.

In response the NBMAA developed The Art & Education Expansion Project to further expand the Museum's art and education capacity. The project has three components totaling $22 million:

  • A new 17,346 sq. ft. art and education addition to the Chase Family Building, providing nine new galleries, three new art studios, a tripling of the ArtLab in the Landers House, and optimization of collections storage. ($11m);
  • Purchase of contiguous property and construction of 80 additional parking spaces ($1.6m);
  • Endowment growth ($9.4m) to ensure future success.

About the NBMAA

Mission. "Erected By the People for the Use of the People," the Museum is dedicated to serving all people by pursuing excellence in art through collecting, exhibiting, and education. Its mission is to be one of the nation's most welcoming, distinguished, dynamic, and educationally ambitious art museums by ensuring its facilities, collections, exhibitions, and programs create optimal conditions for first-hand experiences with art for a diverse audience.

About Ann Beha


Ann Beha Architects seeks a dynamic discourse between heritage and the future. Their work includes planning, design and historic preservation. Their work is equally dedicated to contemporary architectural expression and the revitalization of historic resources. Their projects shape and strengthen community life, establishing new directions, identities, and vibrant settings for education, the arts, and the civic realm. Ann Beha Architects designed the NBMAA's award-winning Chase Family Building.

This award-winning project won the Boston Society of Architects Award for Design and the American Institute of Architects: New England Merit Award for Design Excellence. It was completed on time, on budget with no debt. Given the deep experience and outstanding reputations of these two firms, their many awards, and given their history with our facility, a harmonious, high quality result is assured.