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Colin Burke's solargraphic installation, Parallax.

Colin Burke: Parallax, a Solargraphic Installation
LeWitt Family Staircase
Through Sept. 23, 2011

Connecticut artist Colin Burke currently has an installation of pinhole cameras facing Walnut Hill Park in the LeWitt Family Staircase. The multiple cameras are installed to track the sun’s path and will be taken down throughout the summer months with the last coming down in September.

Going back to early photographic history, before the latent image was discovered, Joseph Nicephore Niepce (1765-1833), a French inventor, set up his camera aimed out his window for a full day exposure. The resulting image (heliogram) captured light landing on both the East and West surfaces of the buildings and plant life in view. The contemporary solargraphic method harkens back to this early experiment, where the exposures are set up to capture the procession of the path of the sun over the course of weeks or months. Objects moving faster than the sun disappear from view, leaving an unpopulated landscape, and further illustrating the transitory illusion of presence in the wider context of a span of time and history.

Burke has this to say about his work “This is science and art, and as much scientific experimentation as creative exploration. I want to lift the veil of these antique photographic techniques, revealing the heretofore interior of the mysterious black box.”


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