Board of Trustees

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Executive Committee
Todd Stitzer, Chairman
John Howard, Vice-Chairman
Kathryn West, Secretary
Kenneth Boudreau, Treasurer
William Chase, At Large
Kathryn Cox, At Large
Chris Shivery, At Large
Marzena Silpe, At Large
Melinda Sullivan, At Large
Jean-Pierre van Rooy, At Large
John R. Rathgeber, Past Chairman
Douglas K.S. Hyland, Director

Samuel Bailey, Jr.
Barbara Bradbury-Pape
Dr. Peter Byeff
Kenneth J. Carifa
Halsey Cook
Dr. Martin Cooper
Anita Ferrante
Thomas C. Flanigan
Howard A. Fromson
Holly Holden
John M. Jezowski
Grant Jones
Carolyn (C.J.) Joseph
Melanie McCue
Dr. M. Stephen Miller
Gloria Oviedo
John J. Patrick Jr.
Thomas Soyster
Linda Tomasso
Mr. David K. Zwiener

Honorary Trustees
Dr. Frederick Baekeland
Mrs. Joan Baekeland
Sylvia Bonney
Alyce Fuller
Charles and Irene Hamm
The Honorable Nancy Johnson
Dr. Theodore Johnson
Robert Lesser
Nelson H. White

Trustees Emeriti
Timothy Bergstrom
William R. Brown
Rhoda L. Chase
Elizabeth (Betty) Chamberlain
Leonard G. Clough
Brendan T. Conry
Dr. Marie S. Gustin
R. Alan Hunter
Dr. Richard L. Judd
Coleman B. Levy
Brenda Manning
John S. Manning
Henry R. Martin
Virginia J. McKernan
Dr. Timothy McLaughlin
Janet L. Myers
Hugh B. Penney
Hal Rives
Donna M. Stout
Michael Timura
Lindsley Wellman
Linda Cheverton-Wick
Kimberly Zeytoonjian