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David Borawski, God Save Your Mad Parade, 2014, Digital Image, Courtesy of the artist

New Media: David Borawski
Apr. 26–Aug. 31, 2014
Opening Reception
5:30-8 p.m., Friday, May 2, 2014

Hartford-based multi-media installation artist David Borawski likes to take the viewer on a visual and conceptual ride, leading you down a path then leaving you to find your way home. Unleashing ideas, images and ready made materials that the viewer may not normally consider as art supplies, Borawski’s work draws upon social and political events that have influenced major shifts in our collective consciousness, positioning them as eerie precursors to present-day circumstances.

God Save Your Mad Parade is an installation that addresses anarchy and the proliferation of crime and lawlessness at both ends of the wealth and class spectrum, through video, sound and sculpture. Borawski assembles video clips of ceiling fans and projects them onto the gallery floor. At the same time, the viewer is subjected to a digitally manipulated soundtrack of surveillance and helicopter noise. Other elements will include plastic chain, fabric bandanas and corrugated cardboard. Borawski explains, “chains suggest restraint and control. That is the function of law and authority, chains stop someone from doing something.” As the Sex Pistols lyrics conclude, “no future for me, no future for you.”


More information on the artist can be found at www.rot8tor.org and http://artwalk.hplct.org/history/david_borawski.shtml

Floral Expressions Exhibit, 2013

12th Biennial Floral Expressions Placement Show
May 8–12, 2012

Opening Reception

5:30-7 p.m., Thursday, May 8, 2014

Floral Expressions will return this Mother’s Day weekend in conjunction with a bevy of events called Bubbles & Blooms that culminates with our special Mother’s Day event Brunch on the Park. Join us at the opening reception for remarks by Mary Gould, member and past President of the New Britain Garden Club. 

Twenty floral arrangements inspired by select pieces in the Museum’s permanent collection will be on display, created by members of the Garden Club and National Council accredited judges from The Federated Garden Clubs of Connecticut. See the Front Desk for a self-guided tour that will walk visitors through the exhibition and give insight into the arrangements and the art they represent.

The New Britain Garden Club has been a member of The Federated Garden Clubs of Connecticut since 1941. The Museum and the Garden Club have had a working relationship for much of that history: many members of the Garden Club have lent their talents to the Museum as docents and volunteers. One of the Museum’s gardens has been named for The New Britain Garden Club in recognition of their long service and support.

Check out Bubbles & Blooms’ workshops, lectures, and more!

Details of paintings (from upper left): Joanne Greenbaum, Untitled, 2012; Lisa Beck, Channel, 2013; Andrew Masullo, 5358, 2011–12; Keith Mayerson, Iconscape 4, 2012; Adam Henry, #5, 2012; Joshua Abelow, Running Man, 2013

This One's Optimistic: Pincushion
Curated by Cary Smith
June 7-Sept. 14, 2014
Opening Reception
2-3:30 p.m., Saturday, June 7, 2014
Curator Remarks at 3 p.m.

This One’s Optimistic: Pincushion is a densely hung, salon style exhibition that includes paintings and drawings by 38 contemporary artists, all of whom are known for their excellence in making work that leans heavily towards abstraction. Their styles are vastly different and will, in close proximity, create a wide-ranging visual experience, which can be seen as a current reflection of a slice of what is going on within the art community. A unifying theme among all the artwork is that of an intuitive, positive, human force—one that is authentic, smart, original, and inventive—and always with a warm beating heart.

Smith believes there is a heightened collective awareness that we share due to the immediate exchange of digital information among us. As Smith finds himself often sitting in front of his computer looking, watching, listening—and posting images of his own work along with the work of other artists he admires—he finds that in short bits of time he can view art from all over the globe. This exhibition is a snippet of that world for all to view in real time, in real space where the heart of the artist is ever present.

Participating artists

John Phillip Abbott, Joshua Abelow, Lisa Beck, Trudy Benson, Timothy Bergstrom, Michael Berryhill, Todd Chilton, Steve DiBenedetto, Amy Feldman, Michelle Grabner, Joanne Greenbaum, Clare Grill, Adam Henry, Daniel Hesidence, Xylor Jane, Bill Komoski, Joshua Marsh, Chris Martin, Andrew Masullo, Keith Mayerson, Douglas Melini, Tom Nozkowski, Carl Ostendarp, Ann Pibal, Josh Podoll, Lisa Sanditz, James Siena, Jennifer Wynne Reeves, Alexander Ross, Julie Ryan, Jackie Saccoccio, Dan Walsh, Chuck Webster, Garth Weiser, Stanley Whitney, Michael Williams, B. Wurtz, Tamara Zahaykevich

Cary Smith is an artist who lives in Farmington, CT.
More information about him can be found at:

Lino Tagliapietra, Angel Tear, ca. 2011, Blown glass, 33 3/4 x 22 x 5 1/2 in., Collection of Henry and Sharon Martin

Glass Today: 21st Century Innovations
June 21–Sept. 21, 2014
Opening Reception
2-3:30 p.m., Sunday, June 22, 2014

Today, over fifty years since the birth of studio glass in America, the world of contemporary glass is as vibrant as ever. Glass Today: 21st-Century Innovations is a major exploration of the technical, conceptual, and aesthetic currents in contemporary glass. It is also the second chapter of our 2008 exhibition, which charted the origins and development of the studio glass movement in the United States and in Europe. While the range of artistry and innovation will be as broad as in our previous undertaking, the focus of this exhibition will be on glass art from the last decade. The exhibition will consist of the latest work from seasoned masters to the newest talent in the field—approximately 50 artists in all who represent a wide variety of styles, subject matter and techniques.

Because of our familiarity with glass as a highly useful, everyday material, its utilitarian functions inform our expectations of what glass typically looks like and the purposes it serves. The goal of this exhibition is to demonstrate the seemingly boundless ways in which artists are continuing to shatter all such expectations by imbuing their work with rich cultural, aesthetic and conceptual value. A significant number of works, such as light sculptures by Sydney Cash and Stephen Knapp, move beyond the pedestal to occupy the walls of the gallery. Others demonstrate how advances in technology such as 3D printing are helping artists realize their vision.

To punctuate the exhibition’s emphasis on artists who have pushed the material in new directions, we will unveil a major, site-specific commission by Beth Lipman inspired by our Thomas Hart Benton murals. Aspects of (American) Life (2013, cast and mouth blown glass, 115 x 80 x 60 in.) is among her most ambitious projects to date.


Funded in part by a grant from the Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass.