School Tour Themes

IMAGINE LIKE AN ARTIST  |  Language Arts Approach

Every picture tells a story. On this tour, your students will discover the imaginative ways that artists weave narratives into their work. In “reading” diverse artworks as stories to be told, students will consider character, setting, and plot, all while citing visual evidence for their conclusions using Visual Thinking Strategies and other methods of inquiry.

SEE LIKE AN ARTIST  |  Art Elements Approach

Artists see the world through shape, color, texture, line, form, value, and space. Your students will learn how to look at artworks by searching for the elements of art that artists use to capture the world around them. Images to be explored may include works of art from the Colonial Period, the Hudson River School, Impressionism, and 20th century masterpieces including the Thomas Hart Benton murals.

THINK LIKE AN ARTIST  |  Art Critic Approach

Artists possess a critical eye that shapes the way they make and look at art. On this tour, students assume the role of art critic as they learn how to analyze specific works in depth, from initial observations, to well thought-out interpretations, to final value judgments. They will listen to and learn from each other, expressing and evaluating ideas about thought-provoking artworks from the past and present.

INTERPRET LIKE AN ARTIST  |  Social Studies Approach

Throughout time, artists have contributed to a visual record of history, depicting people, places, events, and ideas from multiple points of view. Give your students a new perspective on American history with this tour that treats the collection as a visual timeline of primary source documents. They’ll discuss how artists interpret history through symbols and imagery, and think critically as they construct their own interpretations of the past.


On this tour, students will visit a variety of artworks in the Museum’s collection, from site-specific contemporary sculpture to Hudson River landscapes, to demonstrate how artists have used math and technology throughout history and cultures to aid in the creation of their work.

Connections and Learning Standards

School tours are thematic by nature; the Education Department is happy to assist you in selecting an appropriate theme for your class from the options listed above. Please note that while each of your students may not see the same works of art during a guided visit, they will engage in similar conversations in the galleries. All of our tours are designed to align with a range of state and national learning standards. For more detailed information about connections to standards, please contact Coordinator Adult and Student Tours and Teacher Programs Maura O'Shea at or (860) 229-0257, ext. 235.