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Lilly Martin Spencer (1822-1902)
This Little Pig Went To Market, 1857
Oil on cut arched board
Charles F. Smith Fund - 1994.18

While many portraits display the latest in fashionable dress, it is rare to get a glimpse of undress as we do in this intimate portrait of a mother and child. The fullness of the dressing gown or wrapper and the shape of the pagoda sleeve followed the line of 1850s day dress. This informal garment has a deep border decorated in the style of Kashmir shawls, a fashionable accessory for day dress. A nightgown of eyelet embroidery is visible under the dressing gown. Lace caps with lappets that hang down onto the shoulders were worn with informal dress indoors. To complete the outfit, velvet slippers trimmed with bows and ribbons are visible under the nightgown.