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Abraham Archibald Anderson (1847-1934)
Norma Wright Sloper, 1922
Oil on canvas
Gift of Mrs. Gertrude W. Smith - 1981.37

At the close of World War I, the social order had changed and women were loathe to give up their freedom. With this came a desire to keep the more comfortable, functional style of dress that had been adapted during the war years. However, the fashionable ideal of the 1920s was the perennially youthful figure without curves. The style minimized the bust and hips by flattening the chest area and straightening and shortening the skirt. Norma Wright Sloper is the epitome of this look. Her stylish dress of lamé and figured silk lend an air of sophistication to the boyish shape that was in vogue. The bobbed hair and ostrich fan complete the look of the 1920s.