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Ellen Emmet Rand (1876-1934)
Anna Delancey Mears, 1926
Oil on canvas
Gift of Mrs. C. Singleton Mears - 1981.81

The fringed, pale yellow shawl embroidered in oranges and purples is the focal point in the portrait of Anna Delancey Mears. During the 1920s, colorful shawls from Italy, China, and, especially, Spain were worn casually draped over the shoulder with the fringe trailing on the floor. Vogue magazine described the cascading fringe as "a transparent unexpected rain of silk." The fashion conscious discovered Spain in the 1920s, and Spanish costume influenced clothing design for several seasons of that decade, especially in the use of shawls. A single strand of pearls sets off this stylish accessory in the Mears portrait, lending an air of sophistication to the ensemble.