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Joseph Badger (1708-1765)
Hannah Minot Moody, ca. 1758
Oil on board (mounted on aluminum)
Charles F. Smith Fund - 1967.8

In contrast to the sumptuousness of the costume of Lydia Lynde is the utter simplicity of that of Hannah Minot Moody. Her plain English-style gown is untrimmed except for the ruffle of her chemise that covers the deep décolleté of the bodice. Self-fabric trim at the elbow separates the closely fitting sleeve from the ruffle; the edge of sleeve from the chemise is just visible beneath it. This gown fits tightly across the bodice and was probably laced in back. The only decoration is a ribbon bow at the center of the bodice. Mrs. Moody's hands appear to be tucked into side pockets. Eighteenth-century gowns did not have pockets as we know them. Gowns had side slits; pockets were separate from the gown and were attached to a ribbon or cord which was tied around the waist. It may be that Badger, who was not a particularly good draftsman, hid the hands so that he would not have to draw them.