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Sarah Miriam Peale (1800-1866)
Mrs. Charles Ridgely Carroll (Rebecca Pue), ca. 1822
Oil on canvas
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Vose in memory of Sanford Low - 1964.56

This portrait of Mrs. Charles Ridgely Carroll, one of Sarah Peale's earliest Baltimore patrons, may commemorate Mrs. Carroll's wedding in the same year. Her high-waisted dress of plain silk satin is draped with an ermine-trimmed velvet shawl. It was not uncommon for lightweight silk day dresses to be accessorized with fur trimmed shawls and coats. In contrast to the grand, formal portrait of Mrs. Samuel Appleton, this is meant to be an at-home picture. In keeping with the intimate nature of the portrait, both Mrs. Carroll's head and hands are bare.