Adult Tour Options

American Masterpieces Tour

This tour provides a lively overview of the permanent collection from the Colonial Period through today. Selections from special exhibitions may be included on the tour.

The American Masterpieces Tour is also available free with admission as a walk-in tour on Fridays and Sundays from 1-2 p.m. Check our Calendar for more information.

Modern Art

Learn how Impressionists, Surrealists, and Abstract Expressionists of the 20th century broke from the traditional tastes of European art to create new, bold, and oftentimes controversial artwork. Follow how these trends led American artists to explore the new and unchartered artistic territory of modern art and their impact on the 21st century art world.

All About Frames

Every painting tells a story, and so do the frames that surround them. Join this tour to explore the changing tastes and design of selected American frames, which can often be considered a masterwork in their own right.

Indoor Sculpture

If you’ve set foot into the Museum’s main lobby, you may have greeted our Security Guard only to receive no reply. Artist Marc Sijan’s work represents the human form hyper-realistically, translating the typically two-dimensional technique of trompe l’oeil to three-dimensional sculpture. Learn the back stories and interesting aspects, such as this, about the sculpture from the NBMAA’s permanent collection by exploring between the gallery walls with a Museum docent.

NBMAA Architecture, Gardens, and Outdoor Sculpture

Join the Museum for a guided tour of the grounds to explore and examine the outdoor sculptures in relationship to the site. The NBMAA sits on three acres of land adjacent to the 100-acre, Frederick Law Olmsted-designed Walnut Hill Park, making the outdoor sculpture garden a must-see. Enjoy walking the grounds as we discover the Museum’s outdoor treasures–including the landscape!

Hats are strongly encouraged; there will be some walking. In the event of rain, the tour will be cancelled.

Face to Face Tour

Nearly every gallery in the Museum has a portrait. Explore and discover the stories behind the painted or sculpted surface. Who is revealed? How can we read a portrait to find the sitter’s message, artist’s objective, or patron’s intent?