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Portraits and Still Lifes, ca. 1910-13

By 1910, Maurice had begun experimenting with subjects identified with Paul Cézanne, including landscapes as well as a series of still lifes and about 20 portraits, all of which can be dated 1910-13. Cézanne’s influence can be found in Maurice’s use of bold, expressive color, strong outlines, and mosaic-like brushstrokes, which he used to build form.

The most striking aspect of Maurice’s portraits is their unexpected psychological presence, a contrast to his myriad compositions of anonymous figures. All of his portraits are painted frontally, posed, and seemingly from life. Forthright and unsentimental, they are memorable images on any level.

Maurice is not known to have exhibited his still life paintings during his life; nevertheless, he considered this small body of paintings an important part of his oeuvre.

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