Lecture | Chairway to Heaven

Shaker chair and stool
Shaker chair and stool


Lecture | Chairway to Heaven

Join us in the Stanley Works Center for Education and Community Development for a presentation and lecture with Shaker experts Dr. M. Stephen Miller and Dr. Don Wartella. Together, they will share their extensive knowledge of the art of Shaker chair making: a unique form of craftsmanship that arose from the Shaker's devotion to God and a belief in utility and simplicity expressed through design. Afterwards, guests will proceed into the gallery for additional insight with Miller and Wartella. Gallery stools will be available.

Dr. M. Stephen Miller is regarded as an authority on Shaker material culture. His two most recent books are From Shaker Lands and Shaker Hands and Inspired Innovations: A Celebration of Shaker Ingenuity, the latter of which was based on a major exhibit at the NBMAA in 2010.

Dr. Don Wartella is a long time advocate for the study and the preservation of Shaker Material Culture and currently holds a position as a Trustee on The Hancock Shaker Village, Pittsfield, MA, Board.

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$12 Seniors

$7 Members

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