Mixing up the Media


Eliassaffeel for you
Eliassaffeel for you , Sharona Eliassaf, Feel for You, 2017, Oil and acrylic on canvas, 60 × 48 in., Courtesy the Artist


Mixing up the Media


In April, students aged 11–13 will explore The Beyond: Georgia O'Keeffe and Contemporary Art and focus on the shapes and colors found in the depictions of the desert and city locals.

Taking inspiration from the techniques used by exhibiting artists Sharona Eliassaf and Dylan Gebbia-Richards, students will create their own abstract, mixed-media works using materials such as acrylic paint and melted crayon under the guidance of Studio Educator Lindsay Behrens.

Preregistration is required and students must be registered prior to the first class.

Scholarships available for New Britain residents, contact Hannah Kruger, [email protected].

Registration and Ticket Purchasing


$20 per student Members

$30 per student non-Members