Nor'Easter: The 52nd Annual Juried Members Exhibition

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Nor'Easter: The 52nd Annual Juried Members Exhibition

About the Exhibition

The Annual Juried Members Exhibition is the New Britain Museum of American Art’s opportunity to expose contemporary visual arts to a wide audience. This prominent showcase in the Northeast region highlights the exceptional work of emerging and established artists in all media.


First Prize: $1,000
Second Prize: $500
Third Prize: $250
Juror’s Award: Upgraded Membership to Friend’s Circle level
Visitors’ Choice: Upgraded Membership to Friend’s Circle level

Juror - Anna Swinbourne

Anna Swinbourne, PhD is Executive Director and CEO of Hill-Stead Museum in
Farmington, Connecticut. She is also an independent art historian, curator, and art advisor engaged in a variety of publication, exhibition, and art-market endeavors. Her current and recent projects include a collection catalogue for the late David Rockefeller; an exhibition on Paul Cézanne landscapes for Princeton University Art Museum in 2020; and with honorary co-chairs, Agnes Gund and Oprah Winfrey, the first-ever, all-female benefit auction at Sotheby’s New York on March 1st, 2019, to support financial aid at Miss Porter’s School. From 1999 to 2009, Dr. Swinbourne was on the painting and sculpture curatorial staff of The Museum of Modern Art, New York, where she created a two-volume catalogue on the unparalleled Niarchos Collection, and curated – either independently, or with Chief Curators, Kirk Varnedoe and John Elderfield – major exhibitions on the work of Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Édouard Manet, and James Ensor, the last two of which were awarded First Prize for Best Historical Show of the year by the International Art Critics Association (AICA). In 2011, for her service to the Kingdom of Belgium, she was decorated by King Albert II and became a Knight of the Order of the Crown. Prior to joining MoMA, Anna was an Assistant Vice President in the Impressionist and Modern Art Department of Sotheby’s, New York. She was trained at the École du Louvre in Paris, Tufts University (B.A.), and the Institute of Fine Arts of New York University (M.A.; Ph.D.). She is a Trustee of Hill-Stead Museum and member of the Art Advisory Committee of the King Baudouin Foundation United States.

This Year's Selected Works
Lynne Arovas A Nervous System
Nancy Boudreau Ledger's Way entrance to Walnut Hill Park
Donald Bracken New Dawn
Jim Bremer Toaster Roadster
Wendy Brusick Ava
William Butcher The Blue Table
Christine Chaise Greenwood Mefiance
Amy Conover R.S.V.P.
Cynthia Cooper Lemon Lime Recantation
Daniel Delaney Railway Yard,Thomaston, Connecticut, 2022
Mariah Doren and Johanna Paas Grafting: Mend
William Evertson Consumed by the Never Was
Michael Fanelli Liquid Flight
Elise Fechtmann Pensive
Terry Feder The Irish Cottage
Joe Gaylor Capitol Avenue March
Angela Godoy Arien
Danuta Syp Gordon Danuta's Hidden Treasurers
Maria Gray Lacrimosa
Geri Hahn Everything Changes as the Seasons Go Round and Round
Caroline Harman Grandfather Mountain
Leonard Hellerman A Stroll in the Park
Deborah Hornbake Mostly Light
Eric Hovermale Adrift
Karen Israel Venus Rising
Christine Ivers Contemplating Isabella
Joan Jardine Blue #2
KK Kozik Crosswalk
Michael Kozlowski Wait
David Lang The Path
Nancy Lasar Nutt and Bolts '22
Ross Lewis Wangchuan Villa
Linda Lindroth Extra Loud Thinking
Robert Loebell Insurrection #1
Joan McPherson Galleria on a Rainy Day
Phyllis Meredith Top of the World
Nancy Moore If Weapons Were Flowers . . .
Cynthia Mullins Silver and Black
Tatyana Nadgor Pandora
Tim Nighswander Lily #7
Nancy Oates Life Is
Heidi Palmer Reverie
Linnea Pergola Summer Goulash
Jeanne Carol Potter Clear Ball Jars with Silver Lids
Heather Ramsdale Tocsin
Reggie Raye Cypress Lamp
Russell Ritell Karmic Necromance
Chip Rutan Self Portrait
Barbara Scavotto-Earley Exodus
Ellen Schiffman What Was, Still Is, Will Be
Peter Seltzer The Seekers
Mara Sfara Captain Bear King of the Space Voyagers
Marlene Siff Legato
Mary Smeallie Soho Glass
John C. Starinovich Button Eye
Rashmi Talpade Pandemic Series IV - Loss
Hui Tian Chris Stein,Debbie Harry and Andy Warhol
Mari Tuckler Measuring the Distance At Trader Joe's
Jill Vaughn Braided
June Webster Day Is Done
Margaret Wilson Helene, Out of the Blue # 96
Milena Wilton Unsure
Michael Yurgeles Uprooted I
This Year's Winners
First Prize: Christine Ivers
Second Prize: Ellen Schiffmann
Third Prize: Peter Seltzer
Juror's Choice: Heidi Palmer and Michael Yurgeles
Visitor's Choice: Angela Godoy

Important Dates

March 28, 2022: Submissions begin on CaFÉ
June 17, 2022: Deadline for submissions on CaFÉ
July 11, 2022: Notification on CaFÉ and
July 28, 2022: Receiving of accepted works, 9:30-11am, 4-6 p.m. at NBMAA
August 1, 2022: Deadline for shipped artwork
August 11-28, 2022: Duration of exhibition
August 14, 2022: Reception and Awards Ceremony, 12:30-2 p.m. at NBMAA
August 28, 2022: Close of exhibition
August 31, 2022: Pick-up of displayed works, 1-5 p.m. at NBMAA


National and International artists 18 years or older with current NBMAA membership. Original works accepted in all media, executed during the past two years and never previously exhibited in this Museum.

Entry Fee

A $10.00 entry fee will be charged for each submitted work. Check, Visa, Discover, Mastercard, or American Express will be accepted through the CaFÉ website.


NBMAA will only accept submissions through CaFÉ before the submission deadline of June 17, 2022. CaFÉ is an online application and jury management system for calls for entry. Visit and click on “How to Apply” and follow the three-step process to submit.


You must have a current NBMAA Membership to be eligible to submit your work. If you are not a current member, the NBMAA reserves the right to remove your work from the jurying process with the loss of entry fees as a result. For membership information, please contact Jenna Lucas at [email protected] or (860) 229-0257, ext. 231 or go to and see “Membership” under “Join & Give” on the homepage before accessing CaFÉ.

Guidelines for Artwork
  • Up to three works per artist may be submitted.
  • A maximum of one work per artist may be selected.
  • All two-dimensional work must be framed and/or ready for installation with hanging hardware, wire, or d-rings already installed on work and the entire work must not exceed 84 inches in any dimension. The work cannot exceed 75 pounds. Pieces without hanging hardware will not be included in the exhibition.
  • Three-dimensional work cannot exceed 48 inches in any dimension and should be accompanied by a pedestal/or be ready for display as a freestanding or self-containing work. The work cannot exceed 150 lbs.
  • NBMAA will accept installations that have been previously created. All work requiring assembly or any work with a complex installation procedure must be accompanied by a detailed set of installation instructions with reference photos from previous installations. Verbal instructions will not suffice.
  • Artist must provide equipment to be used in the installation of any video or sound work.
  • The Museum prohibits glitter, wet paint, sharp objects, open flames, balloons, spray (perfumes, hairsprays, etc), dangerous chemicals, weapons, pressurized containers, plants or animals (alive or dead), hazardous materials (explosive, flammable, or perishable), decaying materials (visible mold or insect infestation), or anything deemed harmful to the Museum’s collection. Anything of question should be cleared by the Collections Department by contacting Keith Gervase at (860) 229-0257 ext. 217 or [email protected] or Mike Mindera at (860) 229-0257 ext. 216 or [email protected].
Selected Works

Selected works must be delivered ready to hang/display. Artworks considered unsuitable for hanging/presentation will be refused. Curatorial staff reserves the right to refuse an artwork that is misrepresented through documentation or is not the piece selected by the juror.

Shipped Artwork

The deadline for receipt of shipped artwork is August 1, 2022. If work is not at the NBMAA by August 1, 2022, we reserve the right to not include it in the exhibition. Any artwork being shipped must include return postage/shipping fee that must be received before the end of the exhibition (August 28, 2022). In the case of inadequate or nonexistent return postage, works will be considered abandoned property and disposed of as the NBMAA sees fit. All artwork should be packaged in a manner that will allow for the materials to be re-used for return shipping. Otherwise please include materials for return packaging. Please do not ship artwork with packing peanuts.


The Museum will not be responsible for any damage whatsoever, before, during, or after the exhibition. No works will be released without proper identification. Any work not picked up by the dates noted above will become property of the Museum and will be considered abandoned property and disposed of as the NBMAA sees fit.


We encourage the sale of artwork; however work does not have to be for sale if selected for the exhibition. The NBMAA will not deduct a commission for any sale of work in the exhibition. The Museum will not serve as a third party for sales; we will provide artist contact information to any individuals inquiring about purchases.

  • For more information, please visit
  • For questions regarding artwork guidelines only, contact Keith Gervase, Collections Manager, at (860) 229-0257, ext. 217 or [email protected] or Mike Mindera, Installation Specialist, at (860) 229-0257 ext. 216.
  • For membership and other exhibition questions contact Jenna Lucas, Development Associate, at (860) 229-0257, ext. 231 or [email protected].
  • For website help, please refer to and click on “CaFÉ help.”