Cycle of Life in Print: Salvador Dalí


Cycle of Life in Print: Salvador Dalí

Stitzer Family Gallery

The New Britain Museum of American art is thrilled to present works by one of the most celebrated artists of all time: 
Salvador DalÍ. From the collection of Frederick C. Ulbrich Jr., this exhibition of prints will highlight his printmaking practices and the themes that persisted throughout his career.

Ulbrich was Chairman of the Board and former Chief Executive Officer of Ulbrich Stainless Steels & Special Metals, Inc. He was particularly passionate about collecting works by Dalí, especially his prints. He acquired his first Dalí lithograph in 1969, and continued collecting fastidiously until 2014.

The works from Ulbrich’s collection presented in this exhibition were created in the last three decades of the artist’s life, yet through their imagery they present the viewer with the cycle of Dalí’s life in print.

These print series illustrate Dalí’s debt to history, inventive 
nature, and introspective reflection. The artist’s life and career are illustrated through the individual prints 
and series, which include Memories of Surrealism (1971), Alice in Wonderland (1975), Hommage to Leonardo da Vinci (1975), and more.

Dalí’s characteristic iconography of melting clocks, burning giraffes, butterflies, and eyes prevails in Ulbrich’s collection through re-imaginations of literary classics, explorations of science and technology, and reflections upon a rich past.