Virtual Studio Workshop | Digital Photography 1 with Peter Glass


Online Photo-Collage Workshop
Online Photo-Collage Workshop


Virtual Studio Workshop | Digital Photography 1 with Peter Glass


Maybe you own a digital camera, but are not getting the kind of images you want. Or, maybe you’re getting some great pictures, but can’t figure out why. If either of these sound familiar, this is the class for you. With a major emphasis on moving away from shooting in automatic mode, throughout this workshop beginner photographers will gain the skills to understand and fully utilize any mode of shooting. 

All the basic photography concepts will be presented and discussed in depth, including: 

  • Handholding the camera
  • Setting the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO
  • Using the camera’s light meter to make properly exposed pictures
  • Focusing the lens to create sharp images
  • Depth-of-field options
  • Finding the best lenses to purchase
  • Backing-up images
  • Cataloging images
  • Digital editing basics

Throughout this workshop participants will engage in discussion and critique each other's work in order to foster a deeper understanding of photographic composition, as well as address specific shooting issues. A portion of class time will also be dedicated to practice shooting with your camera to solidify understanding of photographic theory and the camera controls. 

All participants will receive a complete handout before class begins, outlining in full what will be covered in class. 

The current version of Photoshop (which includes ACR) is available through Adobe on a subscription basis only. The cost is about $10 per month, which also includes a copy of Adobe Lightroom. (Please note that owning Photoshop is not a requirement for taking this seminar).

All participants must preregister before the first class; preregister below to receive your Zoom link. 

Registration and Ticket Purchasing


Members $135

non-Members $180