New Media: Julie Orser

Always Green, Ever-Living
Julie Orser, Always Green, Ever-Living, 2014, HD video,


New Media: Julie Orser

Richard and Virginia McKernan Gallery

Inaugurating the new, larger New Media & Digital Art space in the McKernan Gallery will be Los Angeles-based contemporary video artist Julie Orser, who will screen Always Green, Ever-Living.

Orser utilizes a series of point-of-view shots coupled with a section of repeating dialogue extracted from the film Vertigo. As the video loops, alternating times of day, the camera wanders Hitchcock’s original Redwoods location in search of Madeleine creating a poetic and disorienting meditation on time and place in cinema. Orser’s awareness of film history, character reference, and overall engagement with American cinema draws the viewer into the Redwoods and ”dances on the line between becoming its own genre of experimental film and commenting on the history of film.”

Orser received her MFA in Studio Art from California Institute of the Arts and a BFA in Photography at Pacific Northwest College of Art. Her videos, photography, and multi-channel installations have been exhibited at a host of museums and galleries across the country and around the world. Orser was awarded the 2010 California Community Foundation Visual Artist Fellowship for Emerging Artists, the 2014 and 2009 Investing in Artists grants from the Center for Cultural Innovation, and the 2014 ARC grant. Julie is the co-founder of ART OFFICE for Film & Video and Assistant Professor in the Creative Photography Program at California State University, Fullerton.